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My Aquaponics Blog

Aquaponics and Growing your own food. Information, Articles, and my personal experience!

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  • The Best Plants for an Aquaponics System

    01 August 2013

    Choosing the best plants for your aquaponics system is very important because it ensures that you get the most out of our system and obtain the highest yields. You'll also enjoy your garden much more knowing that the plants, fruits, and vegetables you...

  • Growing Sustainable Food with Aquaponics

    01 August 2013

    One of my favorite things about aquaponics, and one of the biggest reasons why I recommend that people should get into operating their own aquaponics garden is that it is a fantastic way to grow sustainable food for the long term. The reason this is the...

  • Getting your own DIY System

    01 August 2013

    To start your own DIY system you only need some very basic knowledge when it comes to building things. Even if you don't have a ton of experience with DIY projects, you can still build your self a really good aquaponics system. In this article I am going...

  • So Just What Is Aquaponics?

    30 July 2013

    Hi welcome to my blog about aquaponics. I'm a huge fan of growing your own food which is why I started this blog. To help others learn the ins and outs of growing food at home using auqaponics. I thought a good idea for my first post would be to do a...

  • To 5 reasons to use Aquaponics

    01 August 2013

    Here are my top 5 reasons to use aquaponics. many people aren't sure why they should start using an aquaponics system instead of conventional gardening or even hydroponics systems. I got so tired of answering the same questions over and over again that...

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